Who We Are

"Know Better, Act Better."


Zoom-In is one of the leading market research firms in Israel and specializes in collecting data from variety of resources, analyzing the data to create better understanding and tools that enable our clients to make knowledge based decisions. We offer tailor-made solutions, which combine several services, and provide detailed industry research reports that reflect current trends in the local market, based on economic models, unique information gathering methods, and in-depth understanding of the market.


Zoom-In conducts annual market researches for international clients such as Euromonitor International covering the entire retail industry in Israel, including: apparel, packaged food, consumer electronics, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, consumer finance, consumer health, beauty and personal care and more.


Thanks to the wide range of categories we cover and our thorough knowledge of consumer behavior,  we are experts at finding tailor-made solutions that will equip the company with the necessary information and tools to propel your business forward.