Pet Food & Pet Care

The pet care market has witnessed fast growth during the past few years. This growth is largely due to the change in consumers' attitude towards their pets; there is more mercy towards animals, and this is evident in both the growing vegetarianism and veganism trend and in the increased interest in pet adoption and care. There is also a personification trend, driving consumers to treat their pets as family members. This is reflected in the market in several ways.


Health and wellness​

Consumers are taking up the global health trend and are more aware of the food they consume, they also take better care of their pets' nutrition. There is a strong shift from low-cost and standard pet food brands to premium and super-premium brands. This is driven both by consumers, who are willing to pay larger sums for healthy nutrition for their pets, and by salespeople in stores who recommend the more expensive food brands.


Consumers treat their pet as an inseparable part of their family, they also purchase more pet products. As part of the daily care of pets, consumers often wish to treat them with dog treats or wet cat food, despite their low nutritional values. Another prominent example is the growing pet clothing market, which has recorded impressive growth during the past two years. Alongside this, other accessories for pets are also growing fast, and with the increased consumption of other pet products the entire market is pushed up.

Changes in channel distribution

The local pet food market is different from most other local markets, and is very fragmented. There is an abundance of pet food brands as well as many pet care specialist retailers. During the past few years there has been a shift from grocery chains to pet specialist retailers, alongside the shift towards higher quality food, as consumers seek the advice of professional salespeople in these small stores. Pet specialist chains benefit from economies of scale and are therefore growing at the expense of small retailers.

Despite the efforts of many online retailers, the online pet food and product market is negligible as consumers prefer to talk to salespeople and receive their advice and tips on pet care.

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