Packaged Food

Health and wellness

The health trend continues developing, encouraging awareness of more natural and less processed foods. The perception of specific foods as healthy and others as unhealthy keeps evolving, too, with a growing number of foods considered unhealthy. When consumers adopt a healthier lifestyle, this is reflected in more aware and controlled food consumption, both in terms of ingredients and in terms of amounts. There is constant growth in fresh fruit and vegetable consumption – with a direct, negative impact on consumption of processed packaged food.

Busy daily routine

Consumers' daily lives are very busy. The large number of working hours leaves little time for cooking during weekdays, encouraging many to eat out or order in more often. Street food has developed rapidly during the past few years as it offers a quick and convenient foodservice solution.

Health vs. Indulgence:

Alongside the shift to "cleaner" nutrition, more consumers also feel a growing need to indulge themselves in high-calorie foods, resulting in opposing trends in the packaged food market – health and indulgence. Thus, the health trend is manifested in significant growth of fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes, tahini and more, and on the other side – the indulgence trend is reflected in growth of ice creams, chocolate and snacks.

Food labelling – new Ministry of Health regulation

Starting in January 2020, packaged food is labelled according to their sodium, sugar and saturated fat values, with unhealthy food labelled red and healthy foods labelled green. As many companies worry about the labels' effect on consumers' perception and behavior, they were adjusting their recipes in order to avoid negative marking.

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