Non Alcoholic Drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks consists of hot drinks and soft drinks. While soft drinks has witnessed significant slowdown during the review period, hot drinks has seen steady growth; this will be explained below.


Main trends in Soft Drinks

 The health and wellness trend continues, with consumers putting a greater emphasis on natural ingredients as well as low calorie content. Soft drinks continued decreasing during the review year, and consumers are seeking other healthy beverages such as water. Categories that still recorded positive growth were mainly HW beverages, alongside categories that consist mostly of healthy beverages that only contain natural ingredients.

In addition, there is ongoing premiumisation in soft drinks, with consumers seeking innovation beverages with added value and more diverse flavours. Categories that consist mostly of premium products, such as 100% juice and carbonated natural mineral bottled water have witnessed significant volume growth during the last few years, and premium products are entering other categories as well. For example, in juices, Prigat launched the new Prigat Extra nectar series which consists of high fruit content.


Main trends in Hot Drinks

Hot drinks has recorded fast growth during the review period, with both on-trade and off-trade growing fast. Coffee, the largest category, has seen the fastest growth, as fixed-price coffee specialist retailer Cofix entered the market and offered fresh coffee at very low prices, prompting competition and driving up consumption of coffee both outside and at home. In addition, fresh ground coffee pods have also risen significantly as more competitors entered this category.

Tea has also grown, although more moderately, mostly thanks to the health and wellness trend which has driven consumers to drink more green tea.

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