Zoom-In Market Research – Know Better, Act Better

Zoom-In is a leading Market Research firm based in Tel-Aviv, working locally and globally to provide companies with the information they need to better understand the landscape they are a part of.


Our Services Include:


Market Research


By conducting intensive industry studies and analysis, based on economic models and unique knowledge-collecting methods, we can make well-informed decisions and provide creative solutions, to maintain a strategic advantage over the market.

Through collaborations with major clients such as Euromonitor International, our expert team annually performs extensive market research, covering the entire retail industry in Israel, including apparel, food and beverage, pet care, consumer finance, health and beauty, personal care and more.


Our research focuses on:

  • Trends and regulations

  • Market analysis and competitive landscape evaluation

  • Distribution channels

  • Company profiles

  • New product development


Product Penetration & Branding


Effectively penetrating a market is a tough challenge. It requires extensive research and planning to drive a product or service to success.

Zoom-In assists companies by studying consumer demands and expectations, by utilizing resources and data, collected over years of research.


Our skilled analysts can help you through the entire process by:

  • Examining the product's potential

  • Identifying goals and developing the best approach to penetrate or increase your share of the market

  • Determining the product concept in terms of packaging, price, distribution etc.




Mystery Shoppers


How does your business measure up in terms of service? Are your employees sales-oriented? Why are your competitors doing better than you?

Zoom-In prides itself in conducting in-depth assessments by employing mystery shoppers and store checks, either at your business or in competing businesses, providing invaluable information about customer experience at points of sale.

Based on their qualitative feedback we can accurately learn where to improve service and provide consumers with a positive shopping experience.


Survey Management


Every business should know its audience and many times, the best way to learn what customers want is by getting the information directly from them.

We compose and conduct detailed surveys, helping us to better understand consumer behavior, needs and expectations.


Using this information, we can advise your company on numerous issues such as:

  • Penetrating a new product to the market

  • Improving an existing product

  • Learning about consumption habits and consumers preferences

  • Performing in-house surveys for the purposes of internal improvement

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