Home Care & Tissue

Home care consists of several categories; the largest category in value terms is laundry care, followed by dishwashing, surface care, and the far smaller categories air care, home care wipes, bleach and polishes. During the past few years, home care wipes have witnessed the fastest growth as they offer significant time saving and convenience.

Steady growth​

Consumers typically have regular cleaning habits, therefore volume growth home care products has remained stagnant in the last few years. Value growth was also constant; on the one hand prices dropped due to increased presence of economy brands and consumers' shift to discounters, and on the other hand companies attempted to improve their profitability by focusing on premium products which contributed to value growth.

New technology and formats to increase use

There is little innovation in home care, driving many consumers to prefer the cheapest products available as there is no significant different between these products and the more expensive ones. Therefore, leading brands attempt to offer added value by improving their products with different functions; for example, in dishwashing liquids, the brand Fairy launched an antibacterial dishwashing liquid to address the accumulation of bacteria on the dishwashing sponge.

Private label witnesses high growth

Home care products are higher-priced in Israel in comparison to many other countries – there are very few players in the market, resulting in little competition. In this centralized market retailers do not have much bargaining power, and they are turning to private labels in order to offer low-cost alternatives for the leading brands. As a result, we have seen many launches of private labels in recent years introduced by several chains.


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